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About Unexplainable.Com

I'm Jim McElwee, owner of Unexplainable Enterprises and Unexplainable.Com. My main focus in life revolves around compassion and mercy, as there is no greater goal to strive for than that. I am an ethical Vegan, Spiritual Practitioner, and have the drive to go the distance.

I have been enthralled in metaphysical studies since I was a young child. Practicing psychic mind games was an often occurrence with family members and friends in my younger years. From a very young age, I knew for certain that life was much more than the flesh we walk around in and I was determined to progress.

From the age of 7, I was a Gymnast. I progressed to College Level Competitions performing high difficulty routines that included stunts such as Full Twisting Double Back Flips, Reverse Hects, Sivados, and the likes. During that time I coached Gymnastics from toddlers to competitive teams (both boys and girls).  I also perused interests in electronics and frequencies, receiving my Ham Radio License at the age of 17, including Morris Code. It wasn't till I was in my 20's when I decided I wanted to follow my root passion in metaphysics.

Although my experiences in metaphysics and spirituality started at a young age, I started to take it seriously in around 2003. Rapid learning commenced. At that point as I delved into all subjects from Sacred Geometry to Ancient Meditations. There isn't many subjects I have not touched upon from crystals to extraterrestrials to new world order, I have dug deep.

Between 2006 and 2007 I started working with Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment. I learned how to create brainwave tracks and my mind was forever changed for the better. I became more focused, less confused, and found my direction. That's when I launched my first brainwave store called "The Unexplainable Store."  It was an instant success and still operates under new ownership to this day.

But something was missing, I knew in my heart that my journey and path was not complete yet. I knew many basics and technical subjects but I was questioning my path. I ended up selling my brainwave store to seek what was missing.

Early in 2012, I found myself poking around the Bible. I needed answers that were deeper rooted than what I have already learned. So I told myself I was going to tackle the Bible and get clarity on the subject. Boy was this a challenging journey..  It took more than 3 years of intense study to find my path and sort it out. As one can probably tell, I am not the type of person who is close minded. I will go wherever truth leads me and I am willing to alter my beliefs and lifestyle once I find truth. And I naturally have a strong sense of discernment, no one is going to sit and tell me the point of the Bible without me digging into it myself.

Truth be known, even to this day I still am uncertain about some topics as the information have been severely tainted over the years. Please do not mistake this site as a common "Christian" website.  My Biblical Studies actually brought me to a stance opposed to most mainstream Christians. I do NOT believe GOD ever commanded Sacrificing Animals or Man to forgive sin. Quite the opposite really, GOD desired Compassion and Mercy for ALL Creatures, but the lying hands of the scribes included bloodshed, which angered GOD and Jesus.

What I believe:

  • Reincarnation For The Perfection Of Souls (Pay off Bad Karma)
  • "Heaven" is Enlightenment (Exiting The Incarnation Cycle)
  • The Torah, Bible, Quran, and Bhagavad Gita ALL Contain Truth (some mixed with lies)
  • Enlightenment Depends On Our Actions or Works
  • GOD, Yahweh, Allah, or Vishnu are ALL Acceptable
  • Buddhism and Jainism are also aimed at Enlightenment
  • Dali Lamma is a Scumbag while Buddha was Filled With Light
  • Killing Humans or Animals is STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  • Humans and Animals were ordained to be Vegans
  • And The World Will Become 100% Vegan again

It all comes down to the Big Three..  GOD, Spiritual Advancement, and Compassion (Being Vegan).  Those are the Three Big Aces in the deck..  If you have these three cards in your hand you win the card game.  This is what everyone should strive for.

I know there is a lot of fear in the world and conspiracy topics that get the main attention. So many are prepping for New World Order, Martial Law, False Flags, Financial Collapse, Tribulation, Power Grid Down, Food Shortages, Fema Camps, Nuclear Contamination, War, Etc Etc Etc.  But don't let these topics throw you off course..  Remember, GOD, Spiritual, and Compassion will get you through anything and you will come out White on the other side.  There is no more security than having GOD on your side.

About The Products:

The recordings are designed to get you to a state of consciousness where the stresses of life melt away and you can tap into the spiritual. The main goal is "Enlightenment" and there are many tools and steps to lead you there. Frequencies and Monaural Beats provide an excellent avenue to tune yourself to specific conscious zones of awareness as you progress on your own spiritual journey.

As you can see, we do not promote or sell egotistical oriented products. We do not tell you lies like many websites do. We do not sell you bogus "Law Of Attraction" systems which leave you lower than you were when you started. And obviously we are not in the game to please everyone's itching ears.  We are solely here to help people find the true path of Enlightenment.  We realize that promoting a Vegan Stance will turn MOST people off.  If we were doing it only for the money, our format would match all the other sleazy sites.  BUT truth is,  we will sacrifice sales and popularity for honesty and compassion.


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