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Monaural Beats

Color Noise
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We offer Email, Skype Chat, and Phone Support.  Only Email offers documentation and logs the session, so we kindly ask all customers to contact us via the contact form if possible.

Phone and Chat support times vary and is only available after all tickets have been addressed. 

USA Callers- If there is no answer, leave your name and number with a description of the problem and someone will call you back.

International Callers- You may call, but we can not call out to international numbers. We can only receive international calls. So if leaving a message, include your e-mail address.

Please review the questions and answers before calling or opening a support ticket. We strive to satisfy each and every customer and our support is unmatched.


Tickets are usually answered within 24 hours, but please allow up to 48 hours.
Support is closed on Saturdays. This is our Spiritual Day.

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We provide archives and history of all your support requests


Do You Offer Phone Support?
Yes We Do!  Although we recommend contacting us through the ticket system, we do offer telephone support.  We will be happy to assist with technical issues and support. Sorry, we do not offer topic debate and spiritual lessons in support requests.

How Do I Download The MP3's To My Computer?
All MP3's are delivered in direct MP3 format. On a PC, Right Click the link and select "save" from the menu.  On a MAC, Hold Apple or CTRL when clicking the MP3 link and select the save option.

How Do I Download MP3's To My Phone?
The best way is to first download the MP3 to your computer, then use itunes or your phones software to transfer it to your phone. On Apple Products, download to your computer then open Itunes. Select File --> Add music to library. Once the MP3 is in your Itunes library, plug your phone in and click "sync". Alternatively, MP3's can usually be downloaded directly to phones using free download Apps.  Search your phones APP selections for a free APP that allows direct MP3 Download.

I Lost My MP3's or My Download Page Closed.
Your download page can only be accessed 4 times before it closes, so be sure to download your mp3's to your devices. If you lose your recordings or fail to download before your page closes, you can open the download page up again via this link-   NOTE: You will need your receipt number and email address used to order.

Do I Need To Use Headphones To Listen?
No. One of the reasons we choose Monaural Beats and Direct Frequencies is because any device can play them. Listening on one speaker, in mono mode, or stereo are all acceptable and will deliver great results.

How Loud Should I Play Them?
Play them loud enough to hear comfortably but not so loud it irritates you. It does not take great volume levels to receive the benefits.

How Often Should I Listen?
Some people meditate once a week, some meditate 10 hours a day. For GREAT results, I suggest 1 session in the morning, 1 session at night, and if you really want to excel, add a session around 3am when your DMT levels are at their peak.

Should I Sit or Lay While Listening?
Most subjects are best if you sit with an erect and straight spine. Try Lotus Position. Laying down is recommended for subjects like sleep and lucid dream.

Are The Effects Permanent?
The sessions alter your conscious state so you can implant permanent changes. The recordings themselves don't give you special abilities, your mind does.  Your mind will go in and out of different zones daily, so the conscious state is not permanent. But while in that state of consciousness, seeds can be planted which can grow into permanent life changes.

Do We Offer Instructions For Each Recording?
Each product page contains some useful information that should be reviewed. But we can not possibly offer complete manuals for each process, as the information is so vast it would take libraries to compile. These products are for the advanced user who wants to progress and who are dedicated to researching and reading while expanding their minds. Furthermore, there are many directions and techniques one can take.

Is Vegan An Absolute Necessity?
It depends what you want to achieve. We know the topic turns many people off, but the power and purity of Vegan Actions is beyond measure. There is nothing you can do that will enhance your spiritual nature more than going Vegan. Demonstrating compassion for all creatures surpasses even spiritual work.

Are Milk and Eggs OK?
Ask yourself, was it ill-gotten?  Were the cows mechanically raped to produce your milk? Were the male chickens destroyed at birth because they weren't egg layers? Will the hen be taken care of till death after it stops producing eggs, or will it be culled? If you are inflicting pain and death on other living beings to satisfy your desires, you will attract pain and suffering yourself.  Many will say "there are more important matters than food" and they are right....  This isn't about "food", it's about suffering and causing death. And there is no more important matter than suffering and death.

Other Questions?
If you have other questions, please open a support ticket. I understand these beliefs go against the "Norm" and are hard to comprehend. But as one matures spiritually, they will see that I speak the truth. Just remember, GOD, Spiritual Development, and Compassion and you will be OK.


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