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FREE Christ Consciousness MP3 With Beta Tones

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There are two main views on what exactly "Christ Consciousness" really is. The first theory associates Christ Consciousness with "Brahmajnana", where your pranayama reaches and activates your 7th chakra. Your spiritual heart of hridayam opens, but the opening is not permanent as it will close again. The second theory is similar, but the spiritual heart does not shut again, and actually reaches liberation. It is associated with sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi. Besides these two, others like to simplify it and just say Christ Consciousness is when you reach perfection.

My personal belief coincides with theory #2. I believe Christ Consciousness is achieved when the person reaches total liberation and the spiritual heart remains open. I do not subscribe to the notion of a person reaching "perfection" because to become perfect, one would have to merge with the creator, This goes beyond even the most powerful angels righteousness.

As your spiritual maturity advances, the creator may grant you more power. As humans, we have next to zero power. Contrast that to the power given to certain angels, which have the power to cast galaxies into black holes at GOD's will. As you prove yourself worthy, the creator can trust that you will use greater power wisely and not for destructive purposes.

Humans are put through tests and training to enhance our knowledge and power. Here on Earth, the only other life we have domination over is animals and lower species. We have a choice, are we going to protect and show compassion to the lower species, or are we going to kill them and eat their corpses for our own pleasure. Ask yourself, if a person kills and eats the weaker species, are they really worthy to be in a dominant position of others? Are we using the weaker species for our own benefit, or are we taking the higher road and demonstrating mercy towards the weak?  And if a greater species were put in domination of you, would you want them to cage and eat you? All these questions are relevant in your quest for Christ Consciousness.

Humans have egos which is the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and unconscious. Our ego is responsible for our self identity and self importance. We have the inherited need to feel important in life and that we matter. We make choices based on what is best for ourselves, but in reality, our identity and importance is next to nothing in the cosmic scheme of things. Our egotistical nature conflicts with Divine Nature.  Divinity is when an entity chooses the highest road for the greater good at all times, even when it is in opposition to self benefit. To be Divine is to be Righteous.. 

How To Reach Christ Consciousness

The search for Christ Consciousness starts with subduing your ego while raising your divine nature. Instead of being motivated by selfish gains, one should look at the larger picture and adjust their actions based on what would be most beneficial to all or creation. When you are working for the "whole oneness", your mind and becomes connected to the source and divine nature shines.  Once the heavy burdens of your egotistical self are lifted, spiritual advancement becomes easier. Your pranayama flow will be elevated easier, opening your Chakras comes naturally, and one is able to be at peace with all the unknowns of existence.

About This Recording:

This recording uses Monaural Beats to activate the Basilar Membrane which allows you to tune into inaudible frequencies of Beta. The frequency used is actually Low Beta, right at the border of being inaudible, so monaural beats work well with this frequency.  It should make you feel relaxed and spiritually energized at the same time.  Try to listen when you can zone into the mood undisturbed.

The Monaural Beat is broadcasted in Bilateral format which swooshes from ear to ear for ultimate penetration. White Noise is also used throughout to assist in quieting your mind's chatter and conscious thoughts, which helps you stay within the correct brain-state during your session. This recording is a full 60 minutes long!


Christ Consciousness

60 Minutes Long
Bilateral Monaural Beat
White Color Noise

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60 Minutes Long
Bilateral Monaural Beat
Pink Color Noise

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Om Mantra

60 Minutes Long
Bilateral Monaural Beat
White Color Noise

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No Ambient Music:
There is no music present in our recordings. While music may not interfere with your meditative sessions, its usefulness is practically zero. We have arrived at this conclusion after using music in thousands of our recordings. In fact, many a times, the music overlay only serves to distract you from a narrowly focused state and diverts your attention elsewhere. Emotional responses stimulated by the music can break the sessions. Our recordings are the result of our research and are designed to achieve the mental state necessary for meditation. We believe Direct Frequency Tones or Monaural Beats in Bilateral Format with Color Noise is the most powerful way to success.

Direct Frequencies And Monaural Beats:
Different levels of awareness are present in us. The mind can be taken to states such as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and HyperGamma. The specific frequencies produced by the Monaural beats tune your mind to these zones of awareness and facilitate meditation.

Monaural Beat Technology comes into play when trying to enter states such as Delta, Alpha, and Theta. These states operate at frequencies below 30Hz; this makes them inaudible to the human ear. Playing these directly will serve no purpose. With Monaural, you do not need headphones. The beats will directly stimulate the Basilar Membrane. This increases the effectiveness and ease of use of these beats.

Monaural Beats use two different frequencies directed to a single speaker to create a beat or pulse that you can perceive. For example, if 300 Hz and 310 Hz were played through a speaker, the listener would hear 10 Hz amidst the original tones. This is an extremely powerful technique to speed up spiritual development and experience an altered state of consciousness.

This phenomenon is different from Direct Frequencies; the Beta, Gamma, and HyperGamma frequencies are above 30Hz and audible to the human year. Our recordings broadcast these frequencies in the direct frequency format.

Bilateral Effects:
Our Monaural Beat Recordings make use of Bilateral Effects. The Direct Frequencies are available in pure and bilateral formats. The manner in which the Monaural Beat and Direct Frequency sounds swooshes from one year to the other helps balance and relax the hemispheres of our brain.

This relaxation response elicited from the brains helps focus the mind and takes us into the altered states smoothly. Emotional disturbances are reduced and a sense of calmness pervades our being.

Color Noise:
Colors are associated with their own frequency and also sound. Color noise helps calm the mind and bring under control the distractions that draw the mind away from inward contemplation. Color noise is beneficial in cutting down conscious thoughts. It helps us achieve the all-important state of mind that seers liken to a blank slate. All of our Monaural Beat Recordings use Color Noise. But our Direct Frequency Recordings do not.

Why Choose Unexplainable.Com?
Unexplainable Enterprises LLC is one of the original companies that has successfully pioneered the spread of brain entrainment recordings. Over a period of more than one decade, we have sold tens of thousands of recordings (perhaps hundreds of thousands). Thousands of customers have written to us, their encouragement and feedback has helped us improve our program. Our sessions have been developed after incorporating user experience and personal testing. Check out our site, and you'll see the difference between us and other sites that are filled with copy that promises you the moon. Our products are not money spinners but created out of a genuine love for spirituality. We don't sell "Laws of Attraction" or magic bullets that will make you a hit with the opposite sex.

Unexplainable.com was founded by Jim McElwee. Although other websites have "Unexplainable" in their names and plagiarized our material, this site has never been equaled, far less surpassed. Our spiritual enhancement sessions are set to a very high standard and we are conscious of our maintaining our reputation.



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