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Two slightly different frequencies are broadcasted out one speaker. The difference between the two is the "Beat Rate", which entrains the brain allowing the user to experience a "Shift in Consciousness."  Guaranteed of your money back.

Monaural Beats- Stimulate The Basilar Membrane - Alpha, Theta, And Delta.
Direct Frequencies- Audible (above 30 Hz) - Beta, Gamma, HyperGamma, Etc..
Color Noise- Helps Mute Out Mind Chatter And Conscious Thoughts.
Bilateral Effects- Monaural Swooshing Between Each Ear For Power Focus.
Full Hour Sessions-
Our Sessions Are A Full Hour Long!

Monaural Beats

We have a cool 25 minute "Mind Tuning Fork" MP3 we give away for FREE. 

  1. Starts off in a Gamma Frequency with Bilateral Swooshing.
  2. Moves into Beta Monaural Beat with Bilateral and Color Noise.
  3. Moves into Alpha Monaural Beat with Bilateral and Color Noise.
  4. Moves into Theta Monaural Beat with Bilateral and Color Noise.
  5. Moves into Delta Monaural Beat with Bilateral and Color Noise.


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Health Through Delta Tones and Diet

We live in a health-conscious world, where every turn brings the latest remedy, medication or cure-all aimed at treating your physical, mental and emotional health. Out of all the ways to enhance your health, over-medicating is not the answer. And, what do drugs do to address the unseen forces that threaten our wellbeing, such as negativity from others.  Becoming unresponsive to the energy within you is a common mistake. However, there is a way to protect against the harmful frequencies that you're exposed to on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Good Health

Good health lessens your chances of suffering a life-threatening illness, chronic physical pain, and disease. Instead of spending time and money on doctors, drugs and hospital visits, you are out enjoying the world, as well as taking advantage of your loved ones' company. You also set a good example for your family and friends by illustrating what a healthy body and mind can achieve.

You are most likely more productive, efficient, clear-headed, energized and able to indulge in what makes you happy. You are better able to push yourself to accept challenges in life that make you a better-rounded person – think skydiving or running a marathon for a good cause. Chances greatly increase that you will lead a longer, fuller happy life.  

One of the most glaring disadvantages that an individual with poor health faces is the overall decreased quality of life and the threat of dying at an earlier age. If you're not eating right or have constant mental taxing, you're simply not able to achieve the things you want out of life. You can no longer enjoy life and all its pleasures to the fullest extent.

Poor health means that you are unable to efficiently clear out the toxins, sickness and bacteria from your body, which opens the doors for a host of all-new medical issues to arise. Your basic functions will start to decline and can eventually shut down completely. Reclaiming your body and mind is essential for being a productive and happy member of society.

With the help of the Health Recording, you can target the elements in your body and mind by promoting a happier, healthier individual that is ready to tackle the world.

Recording Highlights and Recommendations:

You need to acknowledge the need for change before you kickstart the desire to achieve results.  The recording will encourage the healthy growth and rejuvenation of your organs by focusing on balancing the energy within your body.  It is necessary to involve all of your major organs in the process of achieving optimum health to reap the best overall results of your session. 
Your diet also plays a major role in your health. You are what you eat.. The best advice I can give is to get in the habit of consuming foods that have High Vibrations..  For instance, a Honey Dew Melon has very high vibrations.  Fruits and Vegetables in general absorb the frequencies from the Sun and transmute the sun's energy into edible sustenance. When eating natural vegetation, you are actually eating the foundation of life, which brings great health..  Now let's take a look at the other end of the spectrum.  Dead animal flesh has the lowest vibrations of all foods. When dead flesh is exposed to the sun it rots and decays. Not only does dead flesh hurt your health, it also hurts your spirit. The low vibrational density of dead flesh weighs down your subtle body and takes away from your spirituality.

My Own Testimony:

I have been dealing with High Blood Pressure and Borderline High Cholesterol for many years. I was on different blood pressure medications for several years and always fighting to keep my cholesterol down. My doctor has been monitoring me to see if I should also start cholesterol medication. And as you could guess, I absolutely hated the thought of taking prescription drugs.  I wanted off them bad...  When I asked my doctor, he told me there is probably nothing I can do about it and told me to stay on the medication. He never once gave me diet advice or any time of guidance other than "stay on the drugs". Here is my personal Lipid Panel from 2012, As you can see, my Cholesterol levels and LDL were cause for concern. Combined with my high blood pressure, the markers for heart attacks was growing.


After much meditating and soul searching, I came to Vegetarianism and then became full-blown Vegan. The initial purpose was not for health as much as it was for Mercy.  I came to the conclusion that eating animals is unjust and ill-gotten and I simply can not afford to pay back the bad Karma I have been acquiring by sacrificing animals to please my stomach. I eat a healthier diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, bread, with occasional goodies.  Thank God my wife can cook well, she makes delicious donuts, cookies, cakes, and treats with all Vegan ingredients.

I then changed doctors and had repeat labs done in 2014. Below you can see my latest Lipid Panel. My cholesterol levels went straight into the optimal levels, even my LDL is now "Optimal". My CBC and MetaB Panels came back just as good. My body is working properly, I lost 30+ pounds, my vitamin levels are on par, and my cholesterol levels are no longer a concern. And to top it all off, I been off my blood pressure medication for a while now and my blood pressure has made major improvements and are now within the acceptable limits.


Usage Suggestions:

You can do it too through Meditation, Planning, and Taking Action!  I suggest using our Health Recording, which relaxes you and brings you to a point of utmost clarity within the Delta range. Within that state of consciousness, you can wash away all the negativity and suppression you been fed throughout the years. You can build will power, build a plan, and build a healthy future through your mind.  As you continue your healthy meditations, start to take action. Personally, I gave up meat cold turkey and the results were great, but if you must take it slow, it's better than continuing on the downhill path.  Use the Health Recording daily to stay on track and make progress. Since this recording uses Delta Tones, which mimic sleep, make sure you are in a place where you can relax and let go. You may even slip into sleep, which is OK.

About This Recording:

This recording uses Monaural Beats to activate the Basilar Membrane which allows you to tune into inaudible frequencies of Delta. It uses one powerful Delta frequency the whole way through!

The Monaural Beat is broadcasted in Bilateral format which swooshes from ear to ear for ultimate penetration. White Noise is also used throughout to assist in quieting your mind's chatter and conscious thoughts, which helps you stay within the correct brain-state during your session. This recording is a full 60 minutes long!

Good Health

60 Minutes Long
Bilateral Monaural Beat
White Color Noise

Instant MP3 Download
Only $18 $12

Pain Management

60 Minutes Long
Bilateral Monaural Beat
Brown Color Noise

Instant MP3 Download
Only $18 $12

Weight Loss

60 Minutes Long
Bilateral Monaural Beat
White Color Noise

Instant MP3 Download
Only $18 $12

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No Ambient Music:
None of our recordings contain music. Although music doesn't always directly hurt your sessions, it's positive effect is minimal to non-existent. We have used music in thousands of recordings over the years, but ultimately came to the conclusion it is unnecessary. In certain cases the music overlay actually distracts the listener from a narrowly focused state and encourages mind wandering. Music also tends to stimulate emotional responses which break the session. Our recordings are designed to achieve the perfect mind state for specific tasks, and we believe Direct Frequency Tones or Monaural Beats in Bilateral Format with Color Noise is the most powerful way to success.

Direct Frequencies And Monaural Beats:
The mind has several zones of awareness. Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, HyperGamma, Etc.  We use specific frequencies to tune your mind to these zones of awareness to produce the fruits of the mind.

When tuning to Delta, Alpha and Theta, the frequencies are below 30Hz, thus making then inaudible. Playing these frequencies directly will be of little value because the ear can not hear them. In this situation we rely on Monaural Beat Technology. We choose Monaural because headphones are not necessary and monaural beats stimulate the Basilar Membrane  Directly, which results in phenomenal effects. Monaural Beats work by converging two different frequencies within a single speaker to create a perceivable beat or pulse. For example, if 300 Hz and 310 Hz were played through a speaker, the listener would hear 10 Hz amidst the original tones. This physical phenomenon is extremely powerful in spiritual development and altered states of consciousness.

This differs from Direct Frequencies. Your ear can hear Beta, Gamma, and HyperGamma naturally because the frequencies are above 30Hz. So when our recording utilizes these audible frequencies they are broadcasted in direct frequency format. There is no need to use alternative brain-trickery to produce the desired effects.

Bilateral Effects:
All our Monaural Beat Recordings utilize Bilateral Effects and All of our Direct Frequencies come in both pure and bilateral formats. The Monaural Beat or Direct Frequency will sound like it is swooshing from one ear to the other. There are several purposes of this. Bilateral Sounds balance the two brain hemispheres causing a relaxation response. Bilateral technology also assists in the reduction of emotional disturbances, thus producing a more effective outcome of each session.

Color Noise:
Each color has it's own frequency or sound. Color noise is shown to reduce mind chatter and help the user stay in the correct mind state for prolonged periods of time. Color noise also mutes conscious thoughts which prevents wandering thoughts. The goal is to attain the correct mind state and keep your mind as a blank slate. All of our Monaural Beat Recordings use Color Noise. But our Direct Frequency Recordings do not.

Why Choose Unexplainable.Com?
We started producing brainwave entrainment recordings over a decade ago. We have sold tens of thousands of recordings and have received thousands of customer responses with feedback over the years. We have utilized this data along with available documentation and personal testing to bring you the absolute best sessions. Just read through our pages and you will see we are for real. We are not like the other websites that promote what itching ears want to hear. We do not sell money-making recordings or promote scammy topics like "The Law Of Attraction." We are dedicated to serious spiritual development and strive to distance ourselves from the noise that traps so many.

Although there are other websites operating under the "Unexplainable Brand", you can be assured Unexplainable.Com was created and is maintained by the original founder Jim McElwee, and upholds it's high standards and reputation in our sessions.



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