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Monaural Beats- Advanced Audio Tones That Stimulate The Basilar Membrane To Reach Alpha, Theta, And Delta.
Direct Frequencies- Audible Frequencies Above 30 Hz Allowing You To Reach Beta, Gamma, HyperGamma, And Above.
Color Noise- The Color Of Noise Helps Mute Out Mind Chatter And Conscious Thoughts.
Bilateral Effects- Amplify Results By Swooshing The Tones Between Each Ear To Focus The Power Of The Audio.
Full Hour Sessions- We Don't Cut You Short. Our Sessions Are A Full Hour Long- All In 320 Bitrate!
Unexplainable.Com Testimonials

Allow me to be frank for a moment. When you look at other sales pages with video testimonials and glamorous pictures, don't be fooled. Many sites are buying video testimonials from companies who never even tried the product. These sites decorate their own trophy room with whatever they can scratch up, and most often stretch or skew the truth.

I do not operate like that.  Instead of wasting time decorating my appearance, I Choose To Be Transparent.  What you read here is the Truth.

I have sold tens of thousands of brainwave MP3's, maybe hundreds of thousands. I have large collections of past testimonials at my disposal, which I could easily put together an award-winning sales pitch with.  But if I did that, I'd be just like the rest..  Instead, I will post our current refund rate, which reflects the percent of satisfied customers along with some random testimonials we recently received.

From January 1st, 2015 till March 6th 2015, Unexplainable.Com's refund rate was 1.49%...   That means 98.51% of our customers were satisfied!

Refund rates bounce from 0% to 4%. And it's safe to say most refunds are for double purchases, mind changes, and technical issues.  Rarely will I have unresolved complaints about the products, because I advertise my products for what they are.

The True Sum is 96% to 98% of customers are satisfied with their purchases, and the remaining percentages are mostly glitches, mistakes, and malfunctions.  We back our statement up with a 100% refund guarantee for 60 days.  If our refund rate bounces beyond these ranges for varying lengths of time, I will post updates.




Dear Seeker of Truth, Peace and Enlightenment,

I have been pursuing the above for most of my adult life with various paths. I found if I start my day with the Third-Eye Chakra recording my day is more centered. The synchronization of the left and right hemisphere of my brain creates a phenomenon of focus yet expansion and ultimately Peace or Mu-Shu/Empty Mind State. ~Bob Z.  


IQ & Depression

I bought two mp3's from unexplainable. They are: IQ and Depression help.  These products are incredible! Recently I began studying Chinese and when I study this difficult language I play the IQ 'tone' through headphones and my mind goes instantly 'on alert' or 'ready'. Not just ready but able, this product actually helps me think better and produce results. As for the depression tone: my wife and I have used this and it is a blessing! These products actually work. Keep up the great work you do! ~ Barry Martin



I have listened to many tones on the internet and these are much better than the "free" ones. You definitely get what you pay for.  ~Tracy N.



This was good to help me quiet my mind and meditate. I already have good psychic abilities, however, with the stresses of the modern world sometimes, I feel like I can become blocked, this helps me naturally be open and receptive as I should normally be. It also makes my body feel nice and tingling and warm, this I only receive through very deep states of meditation. Thank you. ~Mikaela E



"I came across the link in an email that I subscribe to as a recommendation by the sender and clicked on it out of curiosity. I have been suffering from poor sleep on and off (mostly on) since I was 14. I can feel exhausted but be unable to actually fall asleep. Recently after an extended period of time sleeping very poorly and feeling like I'd been hit by a bus every morning I purchased and tried the monaural mp3. I have only used it a handful of times as I haven't had it long but the difference in my ability to fall asleep, go back to sleep immediately if I waken through the night and to feel restored by my sleep has changed dramatically for the better. Initially I had problems downloading the mp3 but Jim responded in a very timely fashion and fixed the issue straight away. I am very grateful and can see that this has the potential to be life changing for me.~Maria


42 Hz + Others

"I have been a customer of Jim's since 2006/2007. I used the binaural beats and now have had the pleasure of trying out these new frequencies. THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING!! I was using the solfeggio frequencies alot because my energy frequencies had adjusted to being able to function at much higher levels. These new frequencies are jump starting my brain again in ways one can only imagine!! I am definitely a lifetime customer. Thanks Jim!! "  ~ Tracy Y


Claudette purchased about 15 recordings- (to many to list)

I thank your company for not only having products that work, and make a substantial difference in people's lives, but for caring enough to share them through a sale, allowing those that wouldn't normally be able to order many at a time, the opportunity to have them to grow and excel at a more rapid pace. I believe your company makes a difference in the world, one person at a time. Me being an example of that. I'll let you know further down the road, how the frequency CD's help my life. ~Claudette


424 hertz-

"I have had great experiences with eliminate fatigue frequency instant boost very powerful works in minutes, i recommend it. ~Lock


83 Hertz

I been playing this frequency for a few days now in the background when I relax and it certainly does do something weird to my mind.  I will continue to play it regularly."  ~ Carl P


Self Hypnosis

"I have been a past customer for several years on Jim's past store. Every product I ever tried of Jim's is absolutely brilliant.  I'm a customer for life. ~ Janet B


393 Hz

"The recordings from the Unexplainable Frequencies are fantastic. They have the same effects as brainwave entrainment with a cheaper price and offers many unique variations of the recordings that aren't available anywhere else.  The frequency mp3s are fun and exciting to experiment with. The store provides excellent mp3s with good price and great customer service. Highly recommended!"~ YaoHua


Ancient Solfeggios

Thank you so much, for bringing the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies alive again... A world's truth in a Tone... The frequencies have been a wondrous gift bringing Love, Relaxation, Hope & Freedom to many of life's projections...

 I've just bought some more frequencies so I'm off to download...

 Thanks again & keep up the good work... ~Lynni


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